A Gathering of Cultures: The Cultural Cafe
April 5, 2024

Since last September, the Culture Cafe, hosted by People Bridge Advocacy at the Nutrien Wonderhub, has been a unique monthly event where people from all walks of life come together. It’s a space where the community can explore and celebrate the diversity of cultures in our city, from First Nations to Afghans, Ugandans, and Nepalese.

A Snapshot of Global Heritage

Each Cultural Cafe event, running from February to June and September to November, is like a miniature world fair. Attendees get to experience an array of cultures through activities such as cultivating conversations, demonstrations, traditional dances, music performances, food tastings, art exhibits, storytelling, and displays of traditional clothing.

Our Goal

The goal of these Cafes is to create an understanding and appreciation for the different cultures that make up our community. This event is a place where people can learn about each other, break down barriers, and celebrate our shared humanity.

We’ve drawn in a variety of people – from locals to community leaders, and those simply curious about the world. It’s a welcoming space where everyone can engage, learn something new, and hopefully make a few friends along the way.

Lasting Effects of Cultural Exchange

Attendees gain a broader perspective on cultural diversity, learning to respect and appreciate the different backgrounds that enrich our community. These interactions create a ripple effect of understanding and unity that spreads through our broader community.

 “It’s about creating a place where we can all learn and share not just our cultures, but our stories and lives with each other.” – Senos Robert Timon, Host

 It’s this spirit of genuine exchange that makes each gathering a highlight for many.

 In bringing the Cultural Cafe to life, People Bridge Advocacy offers a warm, welcoming space where the diverse threads of our community are woven together. We invite you to join us at the next Cultural Cafe – be part of this meaningful journey of cultural discovery and community connection. For more information and upcoming event dates, visit our events calendar.