Civic Engagement & Public Policy


Empowering Community Through Civic Engagement

Our Civic Engagement program motivates individuals to actively shape their communities and strengthen ties with local government. Focused on boosting civic participation and voter turnout among diverse groups, the program aims to amplify underrepresented voices in the democratic process.

At its core, the program seeks to ensure community perspectives influence decision-making and hold elected officials accountable. By promoting civic responsibility, we aim to create a more engaged, informed, and inclusive society where every member plays a vital role in its development and governance.

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Active Citizenship Seminars

The PBA offers workshops on civic duties and government frameworks.


Community-Government Dialogue Circle

The PBA holds talking circles to build ties between community leaders and local officials. 


Community Decision-Making Forums

The PBA sets up forums for public discussion on key issues, boosting community engagement.


Election Engagement Events

The PBA hosts debates and voter drives to boost civic engagement.


Civic Engagement Awareness Initiatives

The PBA runs awareness campaigns for civic events to foster community participation.