Community Capacity Building


Strengthening the Heart of Our Community

The essence of our initiative is to equip community members with the tools to effectively confront and overcome local challenges. By fostering adaptability, we aim to embed resilience into the community’s DNA, ensuring it can thrive amidst change.

Our objectives are to harness local talents and resources for sustainable development and to cultivate a self-sufficient ethos. The ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life for all, fostering a spirit of cooperation and collective well-being. Join us in shaping a community that’s not only ready for tomorrow but also actively shaping a brighter future.

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Empowerment Workshops

Workshops on leadership, governance, and teamwork to equip individuals and the community with key skills.


Community Challenges Assessment

Assessing community needs to guide informed decision-making.


Capacity Development Mentorship

Providing mentorship in grant writing, project proposals, reporting, and compliance.


Community Resource Mobilization

Help with registering non-profits, businesses, and securing CRA charitable status.


Resource Access Program

Connecting the community with local resources and support services.


EmpowerED Youth Initiative

Nuturing emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds with workshops, mentorship, and projects, promoting inclusivity and trust. 

Upcoming Activities

Skill-building Workshops: “Empowerment Workshops”

The PBA will be offering various workshops staring  in Feb 2024 and online course