Cultural and Intercultural Community Building


Bridging Cultures, Uniting Communities

Our initiative is dedicated to weaving a tapestry of cross-cultural understanding and appreciation across the fabric of our community. By encouraging interactions and collaborations among diverse cultural groups, we aim to cultivate an inclusive environment where every individual is respected and every heritage is celebrated.

The heart of our mission lies in embracing the rich mosaic of cultural diversity while underscoring our shared human values. Through engaging intercultural exchanges, we strive to dismantle barriers of prejudice and stereotype, fostering a harmonious and cohesive community where the sense of belonging transcends differences, making everyone feel welcome and valued.

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Cultural Exchange Gatherings

Workshops to promote intercultural dialogue and sensitivity.


Intercultural Mentorship Network

Mentorship between newcomer communities and long-time community members


Diversity Showcases

Cultural exchange events and showcases to celebrate cultural diversity and foster inclusivity

Upcoming Activities

Leaders-to-Leaders Talking Circle: “Community-Government Dialogue Circle”

Nov 25, 2023