Formal Engagement with the Black Community on Systemic Barriers in the City of Saskatoon
December 14, 2022

May 2020 – The murder of George Floyd resulted in the City of Saskatoon leadership and staff consulting with members of the Black Community

September 2020 – City Council passed three motions related to addressing systemic barriers in the City of Saskatoon.

May 2021 – Council Resolutions related to the engagement process and reporting back on short-term steps

December 2021 – The People Bridge Advocacy (PBA) was contracted by the City of Saskatoon to conduct formal engagement with the Black Community on systemic barriers at the City of Saskatoon.

January 2022 – The People Bridge Advocacy started the engagement with members of the Black Community and completed the work in June 2022. The final report was submitted to the City of Saskatoon at the end of June.


Here are the PBA full report and the City of Saskatoon’s response to the PBA 24 recommendations.

Admin Report – Identifying and Addressing Systemic Barriers – Public Engagement Pilot Update

Appendix 1 – Background

Appendix 2 – The People Bridge Advocacy Recommendations

Appendix 3 – The People Bridge Advocacy Engagement Report

Appendix 4 – City Criteria for Prioritizing PBA Recommendations and Proposed Focus for 2022-2023

On Dec 5th, The People Bridge Advocacy Chairperson and Executive Director were joined by members of the PBA Board of Directors; Kaitlyn Harvey, Pankaj Bhowmik, Saskatoon Black Community, Ernest Edoh and Paula Collins. The team presented to the City of Saskatoon STANDING POLICY COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT, UTILITIES AND CORPORATE SERVICES in support of the PBA report on FORMAL ENGAGEMENT WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY ON SYSTEMIC BARRIERS IN THE CITY OF SASKATOON.