Bridging understanding & communities

The PBA is a charitable organization dedicated to bolstering ethnocultural, BIPOC, and equity-seeking and newcomers’ communities. Our focus is on building capacities, fostering intercultural connections, and advancing Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action for meaningful and positive societal transformation.

Bridging understanding

We’re a charitable, non-profit, community-based civic and social advocacy organization dedicated to reconciliation and providing capacity development to newcomers and ethno-cultural communities.

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Our programs and initiatives include reconciliation, capacity building, collaborative leadership, community sustainability, community impact assessments, intercultural connections, and advocacy.

Our varied services bring people together and help to foster understanding through advancing reconciliation, connecting communities to resources, and helping leaders evolve. 

Governance and Board Succession Workshop

“This workshop was a terrific use of my time and has enriched my experiences and knowledge. Thank you to The People Bridge Advocacy. I will take so much back to use and better my organization. I have a new understanding of how non-profit organization’s govern and functions.” 


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The PBA at City Hall: Civic Engagement at the Forefront

The PBA at City Hall: Civic Engagement at the Forefront

Civic engagement plays a crucial role in shaping the progression of society. When citizens actively participate in their communities, they become the driving force behind positive change. It involves the active participation of individuals in the decision-making...

Walking Together for Truth and Reconciliation

Walking Together for Truth and Reconciliation

Bringing together diverse communities to foster understanding, unity, and healing is what People Bridge Advocacy is all about. September brings about a renewed focus on Canada’s Indigenous peoples, as established by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s “Calls to...

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