Reconciliation – Community Leaders Circle Conversations with Indigenous Elders/Knowledge keepers
December 14, 2022

The People Bridge Advocacy, On September 24th, hosted its first Community Leaders Circle Conversation under the Theme, Our Culture, Our Identity. The event brought together over 65 community leaders and volunteers from 23 newcomers and ethno – cultural communities, including settlers, to honour the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

The event started with Smudging, Elders’ teachings, and a reconciliation conversation. The participant’s feedback was great; everyone was interested in having this conversation and interacting with the Indigenous brothers and sisters. This annual event is scheduled for September 23rd, 2023.

“This first Community Leaders Circle Conversation with Indigenous Knowledge keepers and Elders touched our hearts, the smudging ritual and hearing Elders teachings and their painful stories as survivors of residential school. This conversation brings us close to one other; we will cherish this moment and experience” – Participants

Thank You, Elders, Harry Lafond, Julia Pitzel and Nora Cummings

“Indigenous Knowledge keepers and Elders are bringing back the teachings of their people that believe in the power of the Circle. It is the path to healing for the person, the family and the community. The community benefits from the healing and raises its expectations of good and harmonious behaviour.” – Elder, Harry Lafond