Truth and Reconciliation Initiative


Building Bridges with the Truth and Reconciliation Initiative

Our initiative responds to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, seeking to bridge gaps between Indigenous Peoples and diverse communities in Canada. We advocate for embracing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a reconciliation cornerstone and aim to enrich newcomer citizenship education with a truthful representation of Indigenous histories, Treaties, and residential schools.

We’re committed to guiding reconciliation through education and rights advocacy, ensuring an inclusive understanding of Canada’s past for all. Our goal is to cultivate a society that acknowledges historical truths and fosters respect and unity among all its people.

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Reconciliation Dialogues

Regular discussion circles and engagement events bring together newcomers, ethnocultural groups, settlers, Indigenous leaders, and Elders to exchange experiences and visions.


Cultural Harmony Exchanges

Cultural exchange events enable Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities to share traditions and languages, enhancing respect and understanding.


Inclusive History Education

The PBA offer educational programs and resources to raise awareness about the history, rights, and contributions of Indigenous Peoples.


Citizenship Test Project

The PBA offer citizenship courses in collaboration with Indigenous People/Institutions and relevant authorities to prepare candidates to take citizenship test.


Youth Leadership Initiative

Youth leadership programs empower Indigenous and newcomer youth to collaborate on community-benefiting projects.